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Water Foam

Process Oriented Somatic Therapy
(Natural Processing)

Healing happens when we have enough awareness and resiliency to see ourselves and others clearly. Fully engaging in the present moment allows us to process past experiences and gain clarity as we move forward in our lives. As we connect with our innate drive for completion, the movement towards resolution and freedom arises spontaneously from within. I put all of my weight in my client's innate knowing to process and move towards resolution. We have a natural way of working through experience when we know how to stay with ourselves.  The difficulty arises when we disconnect from our process.  My role is to help support awareness where these disconnections arise. In turn, clients can begin to sustain awareness where they have not been able to in the past which leads to discernment.

Forest Trees

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR is an effective form of therapy which helps people heal from trauma and distressing life experiences.  Through many years of advanced training coupled with my own personal and professional experience with EMDR, I have found a strong somatic focus with  EMDR to be most effective.

Fluffy White Clouds

Yoga Therapy

As a registered psychologist and a certified yoga therapist, I am in a unique position to combine these powerful teachings.  I weave my expertise in both modalities to offer clients a deeply integrated approach.

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